“Waterlands have done an excellent job renovating my current pond.” They provided both technical advice, practical solutions with attention to detail to produce a fantastic result.” I would recommend Bryan for any pond build or restoration project large or small.” – Jonathan Turner, Midsummer House. Had my first chance to see the pond in daylight this morning. It looks great, and will be stunning, I'm sure, once planted.” – David Smith.

Waterlands Productions
work in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex & nationwide and have created and worked on lakes, ponds, rills, waterfalls, streams, fountains, ha-has and landscapes from our base in East Sussex.


This requires a visit to site to discuss options and the cost implications of change. Often landscape architects, garden designers or private clients call us in to advise on immediate problems such as algae, utrification, planting and wildlife considerations, water supply, planning and safety issues, and for initial discussion at the prior to the start of of a project. We charge for this unless a further works are requested when we include the initial consultation as part of a package.
Designs can be offered and costed. This may be in co-operation with a landscape architect, garden designer, or directly with the client.
We often undertake the entire project for the client. Interestingly, often the project is further developed during construction as the evident possibilities unfold before the client, and, for example, siting the precise positioning of a landing stage or jetty may be better decided as the project is undertaken rather than at the start of a project.
Or broking. We often research, source, hire, supervise and sign off specialists goods and services for a client, co-ordinate the works and present completion costings before during and after the undertaking. We charge a percentage fee for this work.
Fortunately no case has yet come to court, however when a client is dissatisfied with former or ongoing works, we are able to discuss the dissatisfaction with all the bodies involved, and achieve a solution without the expense and trouble of a court hearing. If necessary, we will go to court on behalf of a wronged party, and have insurance when that possibility arises.
We also work overseas, including France, Greece, Ireland and Italy, and are happy to consider work worldwide.